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Shamanism is a religion practiced by indigenous people of far northern Europe, North America, Southern Indonesia, Napoli, Russia, India, and some region of south Asia, In Africa the Shona are the one's who used to practice shamanism in southern Africa, Shamanism Practices have extremely sprayed all over the world because Shamanism was the first spiritual guide, shamanism was the first Healers , Shamanism was the first teachers and shamanism were the first scholars. The major role of Shamanism is to heal people who are injured, sick, shamanism can help you to get Pregnancy, Shamanism can help you to get marriage, Shamanism can help you to remove all curses on you, Shamanism can help to make you celebrity, Shamanism can help you to win vote, Shamanism can help to stop your lover, boyfriend/girlfriend from cheating, Shamanism can help you to bring back your lost lover, your ex-lover, Shamanism can also help you to break up a couple for someone, Shamanism can help you in all problems, This act we call it Shamans healing,
Shamanism, religious phenomenon centered on the shaman, a person believed to achieve various power through trance or ecstatic religious experience. Shamanism practiced both male and female, The female shamanism is called a shamaness sometimes called Shamanka and the male called Shaman, Today, Many people have this question in their heads but they don't know the true person to ask, Shamanism Monotheistic or Polytheistic.? The answer is here, Most of the polytheistic deities of ancient religions, with the notable exceptions of the Ancient Egyptian and Hindu deities, were conceived as having physical bodies. Polytheism is a type of theism. Within theism, it contrasts with monotheism, the belief in a singular God, in most cases transcendent. Today, it's not easy to find genuine shamanism because there are few shamans left, and some of those few are fake they just pretend as shamans and shamanka but their not, Umezi am a genuine shaman from Africa, But there are many varieties of regions all over the world practice shamanism but there is no concrete definition of shamanism, Each region describe of their own. As experienced shamanism in Africa, I can help you whenever you are on this earth so long as you contacted me in time.! You can contact me directly on my mobile cell phone or email shortly I will reply you once am available.

Who Are The Shaman And Shamaness[Shamanka]

Shaman is male shamanism at times called him medicine man, While non-Native anthropologists sometimes use the term "shaman" for Indigenous healers worldwide, including the Americas, "shaman" is the specific name for a spiritual mediator from the Tungusic peoples of Siberia and is not used in Native American or First Nations communities. Shamaness[Shamanka]is a female shaman, which is not an actual indigenous term but simply shaman plus the Russian suffix -ka. The shaman and Shamaness[Shamanka] it seems possible that shamanism existed 30,000 years ago, but there is concrete evidence that shamans existed 10,000 years ago because of the excavation. Aug 5, 2013. Shaman And Shamaness[Shamanka] are the traditional medicine men who are perform healing ceremonies, Each Shaman /Shamaness[Shamanka] begins training as an apprentice/master to an older practicing singer, Healing, Healing practice is performed within a ceremonial hogan, It is common for Shaman And Shamaness[Shamanka] to receive payment for their healing services,

Shamanism/Shaman Healing.

Today, there is a few Shamanism/Shaman who can Healing and cure, And this doesn't mean that there's no working shaman/shamanka anymore, No, Shamanism/Shaman Healing at least forty thousand years old and was once practised by our ancestors on all inhabited continents. It includes many different spiritual practices to heal the spiritual aspect of problems and illness. The main causes of illness, as a shaman sees it, are the loss of soul essence, the loss of personal power and the presence of misplaced energy or spiritual blockages, Shamanism/Shaman Healing help to rebuilding mental health, Shamanism/Shaman Healing help to cure painful abscesses, Shamanism/Shaman Healing help to provide pregnancy in barren women and the baby born strong as common babies, Shamanism/Shaman Healing help to stop your lover from cheating, to love only you, Bring back your ex-lover through emotional or spiritual retrieve, Shamanism/Shaman Healing help to retrieve all your hindrance blesses, If you want to feel better in your life consult any shamanism/shaman healing who near you for a problem/ any difficulties you has met, psychologically/physically, or contact Umezi who experienced in shamanism/shaman healing from Africa will help you Immediately, through email or call, message him, thanks.